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The first ICON Club opened its doors in 2015 in Lublin, quickly followed by three new locations all across Poland. This year, the brand expanded to Israel and other countries are joining this movement of looking good and getting ahead.

Targeted for the millennial generation, founder of the social media movement, constantly connected to their social circles. An aspirational brand that reflects their values and ambitions, with the sole purpose of providing affordable fitness with style & attitude.


Strong & fit body is over-used in traditional fitness brands communication. It had to be more.
Our challenge was to bring the sexy back. Develop a brand defined by technology. Authentic. A personal and direct interaction with this community so that they advocate and endorse it.

Invite them to engage online and mobilise the exceptional brand loyalty of the club members to drive expansion of ICON brand.

Like the great Justin T. would say in all his wide knowledge Get your sexy on!

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