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Iponweb is a technology company specialised in solving the complex challenges around building real-time advertising platforms at scale. Complex is the keyword here.

Founded in the UK, with development laboratories in Moscow & Berlin, IPONWEB is a truly global organisation. With more than 250 employees and offices in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Cyprus and Japan.

BidSwitch, an Iponweb product, is a RTB integration point for SSPs and DSPs. A neutral, one-to-many connection infrastructure for the global programmatic ecosystem.
OK, we know it’s not easy to get it. That’s why IPONWEB, asked us to explain it and put it simply.

Uplatform is a core set of frameworks that are uniquely customised to empower companies to take advantage of programmatic media channels with technology shaped specifically around their business & opportunity.

When creating both brands and all supporting materials we tried to make the “complex look simple” so that people like us, could begin to understand what they are talking about.

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