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SNOWPLOW provides a petabyte-scale, open-source, real-time event analytics platform capable of collecting multiple platform event and customer level data. Wait, what?!

Snowplow is a London based technology and services provider in Digital Analytics. Their products allow users to collect unimaginable amounts of data from digital platforms and store it in their data warehouses. With this information, companies enable teams of data scientists and engineers to use it in limitless and transformative ways.

How can an unashamedly technological company clearly communicate its complex value proposition?

Snow is an unassembled snowman.

When we started working with Snowplow, despite the enormous potential, the brand was fragmented and disconnected.

Our challenge was to mould a new and straightforward brand without losing its technical depth.

Working side-by-side and thanks to our ad tech expertise, we were able to decode their communication, align the core message with their values and completely restructure their brand architecture.

The result was a unified statement that celebrates their technological DNA with a forward-thinking value proposition; new brand guidelines, a new responsive website and precise distinction between brand and products. Any questions?

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